Monday, December 16, 2013

Stomping Grounds Playdate

The highlight of my Sunday was having a play date with my dear friends Valentine, Azuka and Erika and my dear fellow blogging mommy Peg at the Stomping Grounds of Sugar Land! I was so excited and a little nervous about meeting Peg. Kind of like going on a first date ;) Thankfully the play date turned out wonderfully. With all the mommies being African everyone was totally on African time, but with 1 Cameroonian, 1 Kenyan  and 3 Nigerian mommas + 6 adorable children, one awesome advice giving grandmom and 2 precious buns in the oven it was a recipe for a great playdate.

I was beyond thrilled to meet Peg and her family!

Group Shot!

Abby and her future bridesmaids

Abby and her future groom

Abby loved J-bird. I think she thinks he's a doll because she was patting his head...

Giving him hugs...

And lots of snuggles! Love at first sight!

Abby is a long throat. She saw Sophia eating macaroni and decided to help Soph finish it off.

Kamren wasn't to interested in his juice box. He wanted in on the macaroni action too.

Even Chiza came over to help finish the group bowl of mac and cheese!

Curly headed Naija Babies.

The slide was a big hit

These cuties were matching even down to their socks! If Abby's future sibling is a sister I am going to be just like Peg and dress my girls up in identical matching outfits.

Chiza the Big-Sister -to-be  making her way down the slide

You guys know I love my comparison photos! Here are some pics from September 2012 compared to December 2013!

Mama Azuka with Chiza and Abby

Mama Amy with Chiza and Abby
Mommies and Babies

Mommies and Babies. We missed you Ofure/Olivia and Omone/Chinenye!
Infant Abby and Newborn Kamren

Abs and Kam

I can't wait to go back to Houston again and hang out with my mommy friends. It's good to sit and chat about life as a wife and mommy with people who understand your day to day life! I also had so much fun hanging out with Peg I am already scheming a potential family mini vacation to her hometown just so we can have another playdate this Spring! Plus I have to get a ton of pictures of Abby and J-bird growing up together to play in their wedding reception slideshow!!!


  1. Oh how Olivia & I wished we were there! Looks like ya'll had a blast! Its so cute to see all of the kids grow up literally right before our eyes! I remember the first brunch gathering that we had when they were just babies! Now they are walking, talking & eating each others foods lol! We will definitely catch you guys on your next Houston visit!

    1. Don't you worry girlie we will likely come back to Houston in July. I plan on leaving Abby with my parents for a few weeks while I study for my boards coming up at the end of July!

  2. How awesome is this! Its so nice that you and Peg got to meet up in real life. Her boys are just too cute!

    Abby is absolutely a cutie! You're so funny planning out her wedding! Too cute.

    The mac and cheese must have been pretty tasty huh?

    1. Peg and her boys are great! I totally envision a playdate with me, you and peg and all our other blogger friends sometime in the future!

  3. I wish I was there too ;). I love the picture of Abby cuddling little Jbird, she is going to be a great and dedicated bride, lol. Check out heartbreaker Kam, he's such a cutie pie.
    Like Cookie Monster would say: Me would love some mac and cheese too :)

    1. yep the mac and cheese must have been good because all the kids devoured it!

  4. This was one of the best play dates ever. I was so excited about meeting you and Abby and it was just amazing, it felt like we had known each other forever ;). I love blogging and meeting my bloggy friends in real life.

    I love how Abby was all into Jbird. He kept calling her "baby" and she kept thinking he was a baby. Too funny.

    Your friends were so awesome, it was the perfect combination I tell you and the location was perfect for all the kids. My mom was just so in love with you and the idea of everyone hanging out with the kids.

    We totally have to do this again. So looking forward to the next time we get to hangout.

    1. It was my pleasure to hang out with you girlie. I feel like we have known each other for years and in a way through our blogs we have. Can't wait to do it again!