Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vince Young Scholarship Dinner

My bridesmaid/line sister Candice invited me to the scholarship gala for her honey Vince's Vince Young Foundation this evening. I worked all day at the hospital and then went home to get ready for the event. I threw on a regular old black dress I got from Target years ago, quickly flat ironed my hair and high tailed it to the Intercontinental Hotel.

When I got there I found out that I would be sitting right next to Candice and Vince. Yikes!!! If I would have known that I would have put more thought into my make up and what I wore. Candice is amazingly gorgeous and next to her I looked fat and frumpy. The other girls at our table were also gorgeous. I definitely felt out of place. I will not be looking at any of the paparazzi photos from the event because I rather not be reminded of how much weight I need to lose!

I really love my line sisters. God bless Spring '04!

On a happier note the steak that was served for dinner was sooooooo ridiculously good. It was tender, moist and hands down the best steak I have ever had. All the other girls at the table were eating their steaks so daintily. It took all 26 years of my good home training to eat that steak slowly and not stuff my face like I really wanted to :-)

After the dinner a short film was showed that featured short bios of the 22 scholarship recipients from Houston area high schools that were being honored. They were all so young and full of life! Their excitement about starting college and living their dreams truly touched me. I hope they know that they are about to have some of the best times of their lives. My college days were memorable and hopefully theirs will be too!

Generation Texas


  1. i think you looked gorgeous!

    you had me laugh out loud when you wrote that it took all of your 26 years of home training not to stuff your face, too funny! i would be doing the same thing but probably would not have succeeded! :)

  2. i agree with Faith. u do look great and i love target dresses. looking forward to meeting u in about a month or so :)

  3. You look hot my dearie, don't even worry yourself but now am hungry for steak, send my share, how is the house hunting going?

  4. Faith: I did not succeed. Despite my attempts at restraint I was still the first one done with my steak!

    Mrs. K: We should definitely meet up for lunch or dinner next month!

    Yankeenaijababe: If all goes well we should have the keys to our new home in 10 days!!!